2018 Training Events

March 1 - 3 Santa Cruz, Bolivia

  Entrepreneur Conference with training by Dr. John P. Kelly,  Annika Daley, and Esther Spina hosted by Apostle Alberto Magno 

April 13 - 14 Sao Paulo, Brazil

Entrepreneur  Conference with Dr. John P. Kelly,  Michael Bolton, Annika Daley, Dyke  Rodgers, hosted by Apostle Estevam Hernandez 

August 23 - 25 Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Entrepreneur Conference with Dr. John P. Kelly,  Annika Daley, Miguel Perez, Carlos Servin, and Tim Byler

September 9 - 14 Hong Kong & Malaysia

Hong Kong & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Entrepreneur Conference with Kimberly Thomas and others hosted by Vee Sitoh

October 26 - 27 Hopewell Junction, New York

 'Doing Business God's Way' Conference in Hopewell Junction, New York. Speakers John P. Kelly, Annika Daley, Bill and Kimberly Thomas, Ron Cottle, and Mike Bolton.

Lead Global 360° Presentation

November 8, 2018 Dallas, Texas

An overview of LG 360 purpose and  testimonies were presented at the ICAL Annual Congress in Dallas, Texas. 

Kimberly Thomas, CEO, shared how Lead Global 360 ° Seminars help leaders create and grow businesses! 

Speakers included, John P. Kelly, Kimberly Thomas, Michael Bolton, Alberto Magno, and Greg Williamson. 

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Training in 2017

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Mexico City

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Hong Kong - Malaysia